Special Needs

Graeme has a certificate in Art as Therapy (using Art for therapy purposes).  He was a father of two autistic children, has patience and understands the condition well. He has a child check with Life Without Barriers.  Graeme also has $20 M Public Liability Insurance.

Using Art as a means for therapy opens up expressions and allows the student to draw what otherwise would be difficult to communicate. It aids in motor skills and eye-to-hand co-ordination, builds confidence and enhances interaction and communication when in a group

Group workshops have been run for Challenge Disability Services and for Integrated Living. Some adult students did not realise that they could “draw” and the results of the workshops went way beyond ours, and their, expectations.

The following is a testimonial received from Chic Taylor of Integrated Living:

The lead-up to the workshop I found great communication with Graeme and Maria and well-co-ordinated planning which certainly assisted in the success of the workshop. I spoke to everyone during the week of the workshop and I could definitely hear the excitement and enthusiasm in everyone’s voices. Everyone spoke so highly of Graeme and his enthusiasm, fun and the fact that he just fitted in so well with our group. I cannot recommend Graeme highly enough to other organisations. Graeme’s passion for his work; his willingness to help others achieve is remarkable; his sense of humour and dedication make Graeme stand out.

Client’s comments were:  “awesome”, “can we do it again?”, “unreal”, “we had so much fun”, “I didn’t want it to end
Staff comments were:  “the week was so successful”, “Graeme just fitted in and it was like he already knew everyone
Graeme gave 110%”, “our clients got so much out of it
Carer’s comments were:  “everyone came home on such a high”, “they were so proud of what they achieved during the workshop”, “we would love to see more workshops organised

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A workshop curriculum is prepared beforehand for approval by the organisation, however please keep in mind that this may not always be adhered to strictly due to the “attention span” of certain clientele.  Clay modelling is incorporated into the workshop which has proved to be very popular amongst students. Graeme also makes if fun by drawing caricatures of the students. They absolutely love it. We do ask for staff and/or carers to be on hand to assist with students.


We also cater for one-on-one private tuition for those with special needs, both children and adults. These can be done both in our studio at Forestville, NSW – or at your home/school. Mild autism, aspergers or ADHD students are permitted to attend our after-school group workshops. For more information please contact us.