Private Classes

Sometimes students need private classes first before joining a group workshop.  The reasons are varied in that they may be “shy”; think they cannot draw well enough or perhaps they just need that extra one-on-one to improve certain areas of a technique. In some cases students are unable to attend after-school workshops due to homework or length of travel, so we offer private classes to suit them.

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It’s a matter of giving us a call or dopping us an email to see what day/times are available. We are not restricted to how many hours you would like – from 1 hour; 1.5 hour classes upwards – it’s flexible to suit your requirements. All materials are included in the fee.

We strongly recommend private classes for those with special needs, but we also offer group workshops whereby we can come to
you or a place designated by you.

For adults we recommend 1.5 hours per session minimum and can hold these lessons in our studio or in your home.

Cartooning, caricaturing and illustration as well as fashion design, architecture, portraits using various mediums such as charcoal, pastels and if required, paints, etc., can be taught.


If you have examples of your work, please bring them along so that Graeme can see your skill level. We do offer classes from beginners to advanced; even if you have not drawn before…..if you can doodle – you can draw!

We also run private classes for one-on-one PhotoShop tutoring, taking students from the basics right through to the more advanced elements.

We do ask for advance payment so that we may lock in the date/time you require.