1What time do the school holiday workshop start?
9.00 am to 1.00 pm (4 hours)
2What time do the after-school workshops start?
4.30 pm to 5.00 pm (1.5 hours)
3What happens if my child is sick and cannot attend?
You do NOT lose any money, we simply tranfer the missed class to another day
4Do you have a working with children check?
Yes. Strict regulations apply when being a foster parent to autistic children – Life Without Barriers child check.
5Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes. To the value of $20 M
6Do we need to bring morning tea and lunch or an afternoon snack?
No. This is included in the fee
7Does my child need to bring anything to the workshops?
Only his / her enthusiasm. All materials are supplied by us. For new students, if possible, an example of any work completed.
8Are students limited as to what they can learn to draw?
Definitely NOT. Students can learn to draw any style they choose, ranging from Anime, Manga, Disney style, video game characters, movie characters, etc.
9How many children per class?
We limit our classes at the Forestville studio to 8, sometimes 9. This allows the tutor to spend individual one-on-one time with each student. If running an external workshop we would like to limit the amount of students per workshop to 30 and we ask for a Teacher/staff personel to assist with the supervision.
10How far do you travel?
Will will travel anywhere at anytime including Interstate if required.
11Do you run Adult workshops?
We are happy to run Adult workshops provided we have a minimum of 4 adults attending.
12Do you teach anything other than cartoon drawing?
Yes. Our range is vast. Illustration techniques, real-life drawing from animals to humans, painting using various mediums such as charcoal, pastels, paints, etc. We also offer Photoshop tuition from beginners to advanced as well as 2D animation.

It can safely be said that Graeme is ranked amongst the top 10 caricaturists in Sydney. He has drawn thousands of caricatures which adorn the walls of homes, offices, clubs, etc. He can be the life of the part or work quietly in the background - always on time and very professional.

Cartooning workshops for childrens’ parties or any child’s event are catered for. We also offer caricaturing which is our speciality.
The caricatures are more like cartoon style in that they LOOK LIKE the person being drawn and are also drawn with “sensitivity” in mind.
The ears, nose, etc., are not fully accentuated as can be the case in many caricatures (unless requested). Children can be drawn as a fantasy character or animals, whatever they wish. The birthday boy/girl is drawn on A3 size. Halloween childrens’ party of fancy dress - not a problem - we can draw them in their costume.

Graeme is passionate in everything he does and absolutely adores children. He has a clever wit, incredibly creative imagination and is
loads of fun...children love him!

Note: Each standard A4 black and white caricature can take between 3-5 minutes (including some transition time). If you are booking a
caricaturist do not forget to ask them about the transition time between guests, i.e., the time it takes for one person to leave and the other to be ready to be drawn, if each person takes 1 minute for swap over, then 30 people would equal 30 minutes of transition time. Roaming is quicker as the caricaturist has control of time and hops from one to the next in succession. A3 size is also available as is spot colour.

We can accommodate the smallest caricaturing job to the largest. We attend trade shows, exhibitions, congress events and have other caricaturists on our books including those associated with the renowned Australian Cartoonists Assocation.

Another Idea for children’s parties ... Graeme can draw either a group caricature on A2 size of the children attending the party OR he can, together with the help of the children, create a “scene” of any theme. Each child is able to participate by colouring or drawing something.


Graeme is also a Visual Scriber for brain-storming sessions, new product ideas, conferences, meetings, presentations, etc.
This also serves as a “problem-solver” - drawing the key points in the meeting or new designs for products allows the attendees to see any flaws or realise hiccups before they happen. Visual Scribing takes away the “boring moments” of a presentation which surveys reveal is the greatest concern of any Presenter. The audience is captured by the drawings and they remain in their memory longer than words.

OH...there is so much this man CAN do to liven up your event....call us to discuss your needs.

For adult caricaturing events please refer to our website: www.caricature.net.au