After-School Drawing Workshops

It’s educational…it’s FUN…it’s learning how to draw and opening up the creative channels

After-school workshops are run during School Terms from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm. The maximum number of students per class is limited to eight so that each child may receive individual tutoring as well as group. Ages range from 5 years upwards. Student skills, the same as adults, can vary, e.g., two 5 year old children can be completely different in their level of skill, this is taken into account. and catered for. Graeme has been running these workshops for 10 years taking students from the very basic fundamentals right through to the more advanced stages of illustration.

The drawings below were all created by “Hamish” who attends our workshoops once per week. The progression in his skill level can be clearly seen, taking note of the line work.

Hamish drawings starting from 8 years of age through to 13 years of age

Students are encouraged to use their own creativeness in developing characters of their own as well as drawing their all-time favourites. All styles are covered, e.g., Manga, Disney style, video game characters, movie characters, etc.
Depending on age, skill level, they are taught perspective, lighting, shadowing, using grid lines, posture, how to hold a pencil beginning with drawing simple shapes such as circles. We introduce beginners to a range of skills and handy drawing tips.

For the more advanced student these basic techniques are built upon, finally leading to the “computer” where they are able to colour their artwork and learn the basic tools of Photoshop.

We are here primarily to teach children the fundamentals of drawing – the lessons go for 1.5 hours and no games or other crafts are included in this time frame. Only during the school holiday workshops is clay introduced for a short time and with the idea that whatever is created using clay should also be drawn; this allows the student to “think” about what they will be creating and gives them a bit of a challenge.


These workshops, whether they be after-school, private or during the school holidays, are designed to give the students a sense of achievement; challenges their creative thinking and builds confidence in their drawing abilities.

A light snack is included in the fee as are all material costs. Fees/bookings are taken on a per Term basis, e.g., 10 week term. Now, here’s the best part…if your child is sick and cannot attend you DO NOT lose out…we offer any missed classes to be made up during the school holidays with one of our workshops! No financial loss and if you cannot attend one of the workshops we deduct this amount from the following Term’s fees. We do NOT give refunds.

Please advise us if your child has any allergies or medical conditions that we should be aware of when booking a workshop.