About Us

Born in New Zealand, with a pencil in his hand, Graeme grew up with a love for drawing. He attended Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand and afterwards travelled the World drawing caricatures at each destination to pay the way.

Having worked for Hanna Barbera as a background artist for the Smurfs series, Graeme has both old school and modern knowledge of drawing techniques. He has worked for major advertising agencies both in NZ and in the UK as a Creative Director. He was responsible for the hugely successful World Vision campaign. Graeme uses his talent to create logos, branding, illustrations, booklets, childrens’ book characters…the list goes on, there’s not much that Graeme cannot do when it comes to his artistic talents.

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Graeme has been around children all his life; he’s a people person with a fantastic personality and even the shyest of children warm up to him. He’s full of fun and most importantly….he LOVES what he does.

He has worked and still does, with students that have special needs – learning difficulties, autism, etc., and has been a foster parent to two autistic children. He has a child check with Life Without Barriers and has been a soccer coach in England.

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b and w woman-01He has been running cartoon workshops and illustration classes for 10 years now and has seen students grow, not only in size, but in skills. He also runs his own small advertising agency and takes on interns and students looking for work experience in the graphic design and illustrator fields.

Love of life, love of children, love of drawing – this is what makes him stand out from the rest. He has patience and understanding and encourages students to tap into their own creativeness. His classes are simple, but with a little bit of “challenge” thrown in to entice them to grow.


Our in-house classes are for beginners to advanced – taking each student
through the basic fundamentals of drawing right through to perspective, shadowing, grid lines, etc., and finally to digital colouring/vectoring of artwork. We also have a Tutor available who specialises in one-to-one PhotoShop instruction.

We don’t just show students how to draw circles and we don’t stop at the basics. This is why we run after-school workshops, so that students may continue to develop their skills.

Graeme is an Artist/Illustrator/Cartoonist/Caricaturist/Creative Director with over 30 years experience.